Selfless Service

Gaza Strip: Israel must stop bombing trapped civilians

Kelly, an MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders) anesthetist,
Takes care of the injured children in the intensive care unit of Shifa hospital, in
Gaza, as though they are her own children. 
She nurtures, heals, comforts, puts herself in harm’s way… for the love of children.

Gaza Strip-Israel must stop bombing trapped civilians

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Palestine-school-40 families were living here,warplanes shelled it today killing at least 17

Go! Go from your Homes…
Go! Go to where it’s Safe…
Go! See Palestine School…

Go! See Death and Slaughter…
Go! See where 40 Families Were Living…
Go! See Palestine School…

Go! See the School after Warplanes Shelled It…
Go! See where at least 17 People were Killed…
Go! See the Countless Injured…

Go! Tell It to Obama…!16_jan_09_Obama

crown Passed down


Israel held its annual
miss Israeli Vampire pageant,
many contestants entered,—
the show was held in Tel Aviv.

watched by Millions of Israelis
who eagerly await the yearly, 
miss Israeli Vampire
pageant; as popular
as the miss America pageant.

at the end of the two hour show,
the winner was announced:
Ayelet Shaked,
Israeli Politician
and Parliament member.

the IDF crown
for miss Israeli Vampire,
was passed down to her,
by last year’s winner:
Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli.


the Devil lives in Tel Aviv


evil casts its
like a thief
in the night,,,
—the soul—
—of compassion—
shacks up
—mercy walks—
on razors,,,
cut,,, cut,,, cut,,,


Palestinian Independence Day

Israeli Settlers watching Gaza getting bombed tonightzionists-unleash-hell-on-Gaza

they Ignite the Sky
like the 4th of July
…Angels Cry

Let Freedom Ring, let the wight dove sing
Let the whole world know that today is a
Day of Reckoning
Let the weak be strong, let the right be wrong
Roll the occupier away, let the guilty pay,
It’s Palestinian Independence Day

Roll the occupier away

It’s Palestinian Independence Day


Tears of a Different Kind


I have seen tears of many kinds before,
and I have been the cause— a few times as well;
I have tasted the tears of joy and pain, both,
but this I have never seen, on my life, I swear!

A face, more innocent than Heaven itself,
but the two eyes wide open in terror, I doubt
even Hell could have unleashed— so ruthlessly,
a half shed teardrop frozen on its way down.

For a brief moment— I too was frozen with shock,
like that teardrop, midway in my breath, and thought:
how could Mother Nature accept such heinous acts,
being so indifferent, inert and silent too?

Then a solemn voice whispered to me, “Humankind
is crueler than all the other creations’ combined.”

by Amit Rhaman


work it


oh ya,,, work it, babe,,,
work it.

oh ya,,, strut your stuff, babe,,,
strut your stuff.

oh ya,,, make ‘em come, babe,,,
come,,, join the idf.

oh ya,,, make ‘em come, babe,,,
come,,, join the idf.

oh ya,,, work it babe,,,
work it.


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rubble and dust


Dr. Nasser al-Tatar, shining example
of selflessness and humanity,
worked continuous shifts for six days
in Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital;
…when he finally went home,
Dr. Nasser al-Tater, 
watched as his home
where he had lived for 30 years—
was being bombed into rubble and dust
in less than one minute,
by an American F-16 ‘Falcon Fighter’ jet,
given to Israel by American tax payers…