Israelis stand on a hill overlooking the Gaza enjoying the Israeli onslaught on defenseless Gazans, on July 12, 2014

Our wounds are a photo op
for the occupiers
of Our Land
who love to collect
photographs of

Front seats please. Hebron squatters from Brooklyn watching the #Gaza show

we interrupt regular programming, for a reality check

 Before Sahir’s Murder,

He was playing and smiling next to his mother when missile shrapnel divided his head:

Saher Abu Namous-rip Gaza father asking his dead son to wkae up and see the toy he got him

Gaza father begs his son, Saher Abu Namous, 
To wake up, and see the toy
He bought him.

Watch this Video,
If it upsets your fragile sensitivity,
I apologize for asking you to watch
The raw, unadulterated truth…
No sugar coating to shield you
From the Hell that is life in Gaza
Under Slaughter and SiegeSS = Fourth Reich… Israel


Palestinian mourners carry the body of four-year-old boy Sahir Abu Namus, during his funeral in Jabalia

rough winds do not shake me


I do not croon
Like other night owls,—
Exile has taught me
Patience and resistance.

I know my homeland,
Palestinian hymns are
Bayonets of wildflowers,—
Is lightning’s ovation.




I will soothe you and heal you,
I will bring you roses.
I too have been covered with thorns.


—Jalāl-ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī


We are so clumsy with pain


We are so clumsy with the pain
of other people
we – so full of comfort, so content
to toss our velvet-coated words
like crusts to beggars – fail to diagnose
the nausea others feel for trite maxims
moving without concern and suffering
from ones who know starvation

— Ralph Wright




~ quick winged ~ change of direction ~ 
banish false flag deception— 
redeem straight, the holy grail of affection.


defies logic

church in iceland

Mounds of moss-covered ancient graves
Rest peacefully by the church in Iceland,
Unlike the the 300+ Palestinian graves
Demolished by the zionist occupiers
In the ancient Ma’manullah cemetery.
…To build a Jewish museum named:
‘The Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem.’
Simon Wiesenthal’s vision, to promote:
“Jewish Unity and Universal Respect.”?

 see: Link


the forgotten

homeless man + his dog

After Iraq, no one knew him anymore—
He doesn’t even know himself anymore,
His dog remembers him…
Comforts him on Father’s Day.


Palestinian beauty

Palestinian woman traditional dress

women dressed in bathing suits and high heels
flaunt their sexuality in front of tv cameras, 
competing for a sham and tinsel crown;
unaware,— beauty lives in modesty’s gown.


And still I Rise


Palestine is under brutal Zionist occupation
And still I Rise
Freedom’s torch has been passed to my generation
By the Wise.
Israeli terrorism’s turned the Holy Land into a place of desecration
And still I Rise
For Palestine’s Liberation.

and still i rise



huh! the devil is said to be dressed
in red and black.
let me be the devil then! in stupid people’s eyes,
my God given colours
were not made for dogma and mass manipulation.
“All this the world well knows; yet none knows well
To shun the heaven that leads men to this hell.”


rest awhile

rest awhile

“May I sit beside you?”
Mildred asks the flowers.
Flowers reply,
“Yes, of course;—
Thank you for asking and
Thank you for seeing
We are all sentient beings.”


Drama queen

rose by a window

Please don’t weary me with your plastic violin,
The water-power in its strings
Might ignite a silicone piano weeping …
In your demeanour, the victim card is seeping.

Red emergency sirens echo my fatigue
At this swallowed bait,— past reason
Overused, manipulation in extreme …
Clowns circle ‘round, you’re the only victim dream!