Selfless Service

Gaza Strip: Israel must stop bombing trapped civilians

Kelly, an MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders) anesthetist,
Takes care of the injured children in the intensive care unit of al-Shifa hospital, in
Gaza, as though they are her own children. 
She nurtures, heals, comforts, puts herself in harm’s way… for the love of children.

Gaza Strip-Israel must stop bombing trapped civilians

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Palestine-school-40 families were living here,warplanes shelled it today killing at least 17

Go! Go from your Homes…
Go! Go to where it’s Safe…
Go! See Palestine School…

Go! See Death and Slaughter…
Go! See where 40 Families Were Living…
Go! See Palestine School…

Go! See the School after Warplanes Shelled It…
Go! See where at least 17 People were Killed…
Go! See the Countless Injured…

Go! Tell It to Obama…!16_jan_09_ObamaIOF-kills-babies-in-Gaza

the Devil lives in Tel Aviv


evil casts its
like a thief
in the night,,,
—the soul—
—of compassion—
shacks up
—mercy walks—
on razors,,,
cut,,, cut,,, cut,,,


Palestinian Independence Day

Israeli Settlers watching Gaza getting bombed tonightzionists-unleash-hell-on-Gaza

they Ignite the Sky
like the 4th of July
…Angels Cry

Let Freedom Ring, let the wight dove sing
Let the whole world know that today is a
Day of Reckoning
Let the weak be strong, let the right be wrong
Roll the occupier away, let the guilty pay,
It’s Palestinian Independence Day

Roll the occupier away

It’s Palestinian Independence Day